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WARHAMMER QUEST review After two excellent episodes of Hunters, the developers of Rodeo Games engage with the Warhammer license

WARHAMMER QUEST review The universe of Warhammer debuts on iOS devices with a strategic turn-based RPG elements and rich with a pleasant narrative component, in line with the paper productions that have made the franchise to Games Workshop. To achieve it are the British Rodeo Games, who make the leap to devoting a license after the two famous episodes of Hunters, a strategic shift in the structure of which is in this case “patched”, replacing futuristic mercenaries armed with rifles with warriors , dwarves, wizards and elves wielding heavy hammers of war, magic swords, axes and sticks ax mystics. Who has had the opportunity to appreciate the work of this development team will not have problems therefore confronted with a touch control system rather simple and intuitive, which allows us to move and / or attack with our units during a turn and then yield the initiative to the enemy troops, all within several quests (we’re talking over twenty hours of gameplay) that are released gradually over the map, as our team moves from one village to another in search of adventure, and taking place in a dark dungeon full of hostile creatures and powerful: from giant spiders to bats, from mice to orcs, trolls and passing through huge opponents even more cunning and powerful WARHAMMER QUEST review.


The merry band WARHAMMER QUEST review

WARHAMMER QUEST review The four characters initially available to us in Warhammer Quest is a robber, a dwarf, an elf and a gray magician. As usual, each of them can only equip items designed for the class, and in every city visited a rich market allows you to buy precisely this kind of weapons or armor, and instead sell what no longer serves us. At this juncture, unfortunately, there was no particular progress than they did from Rodeo Games Hunters with, indeed you will come across in the same problems: when to buy a gun is not in fact possible to simultaneously view our equipment in order to understand if what you are going to take is a more effective instrument of what we have. The interesting gimmick even tilt the iPhone vertically to directly manage the objects, therefore, leaves a little ‘things as they are and fails to improve an aspect of the experience still important. Another valuable element of this production, but as “problematic”, is the narrative component. Referring to the very nature of Warhammer, the stories they are based on various quests are very enjoyable to read, but the choice of a font microscopic honestly makes this arduous task. To this we must add also some technical problems of youth WARHAMMER QUEST review, as the game freeze when loading a raid enemy or the loss of recent progress made following the closure of the application. Nothing that an update can not solve, and we are confident that will happen, but the initial impression is not the best. Luckily there is a lot to be happy: the above mentioned density of the campaign and the presence of numerous items including weapons, armor, potions, scrolls and rings, a gaming rig not original (it is practically the same as Hunters) but effective and full of strategic depth, a technical sector that, within the limits of top-down view (which does not help at all in terms of spectacle, in fact), it takes no prisoners WARHAMMER QUEST review.

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