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Total war Rome 2 news Met in person during an event dedicated to Rome II we chatted at length with the creator of the Total War series, Michael Simpson

Total war Rome 2 news The Simpsons The Creative Assembly

Total war Rome 2 news Michael Simpson

Total war Rome 2 news Just a week ago we told you of our long play session in the company of Rome II: Total War thanks to an event organized by The Creative Assembly and SEGA, respectively developer and publisher of the sequel, right in our nation’s capital, to be precise at Cinecittà. On that occasion we had the incredible opportunity to sit down, literally, with Michael Simpson, Creative Director and the historical figure of the software house that had the brilliant idea, back in 2000, to design the Total War series and set up in the company of a small number of people, the first working prototype of the original strategy. All the rest is history with eight different titles ambientati in the universe of the series is a very rosy future for the developer. In the shadow of a fake temple dedicated to Minerva and built in a strange mix of papier-mâché and wood we embarked on a long chat with Michael and the result is a question and answer that you can read in the next lines, and that has allowed us to discover numerous rumors about the series, its genesis and its future and also different background on the attempts of The Creative Assembly to arrive on consoles Total war Rome 2 news.
Total War: Rome II – Videoanteprima Total war Rome 2 news

Total war Rome 2 news
Total War: Rome II – Videoanteprima Total war Rome 2 news
twittalo! Rome II is revealed with our interview with Michael Simpson, a key figure of The Creative Assembly
You are considered the element driving force in The Creative Assembly that allowed the creation of the Total War series …
Exact … yes, I joined Creative in five when we were just just to set up the team working on Total War Total war Rome 2 news. There are virtually from the beginning Total war Rome 2 news.

Total war Rome 2 news Looking back … and you consider yourself satisfied with what has become the series? Total war Rome 2 news
Yes, absolutely. Even after all these years I’m still not bored, even though he is developing games for a long time … Now I’m thirty years. And I think their titles in the series are the best thing I’ve ever done. You will ask me why I consider them as such. Well because they require a major effort and affects multiple elements simultaneously. Not only does it have the classic artists and programmers, animators and production guys, we have some excellent musicians but also economists and historians. We had to put up a very unique and diverse team. I do not think that there are other kinds of video games so much fun to make.

Total war Rome 2 news The Simpsons The Creative AssemblyMa there is still something that you like to see implemented in the series but at the moment it is not yet possible to achieve? Or specific time periods that you would like to cover.
So, in terms of eras we always talk very long to decide what to cover from a long list of historical periods that we would like to explore. I believe that sooner or later we will make them all, it’s just a matter of order and what to do first. Among other things, as you may have noticed by now we often also go back because maybe during the discussion we realize that the power of the PC now allows us to better deal with historical moments that we have already covered in the past. But in terms of the elements of the game, I’m still not fully satisfied with the realism on the battlefield that is not “one” what happened in the past. On the other hand we can do is not to put on the ground two hundred or three hundred thousand men. There are too many. But I think we have achieved a nearly perfect to be able to control and manage so even in this case it is only a matter of time Total war Rome 2 news. If you consider that every few years the numbers doubled, we’ll get there sooner or later Total war Rome 2 news.


Total war Rome 2 news


Total war Rome 2 news The Simpsons The Creative AssemblyAvete ever thought of a Total War set in the future or in the modern era?
Well it’s on the list I told you about before, but rather at the bottom of the list. There are several things that make games set in historical times really existed that make them easier to achieve. You can use reality as the main template and are also easier to balance from a strategic point of view. In the end, we start from the elements, units and buildings that really exist and have certain values ​​on the battlefield because otherwise the story would have ended differently. So the armies are balanced and the boundaries are in the right place and as long as our simulation of individuals on the battlefield is correct, the result is a balanced gameplay in a reasonable manner. This is why the development is much simpler. Probably an entirely invented is more difficult to implement …

Because … you have to create everything from scratch and then balance each element Total war Rome 2 news?
… Exactly. You have to invent.

The Simpsons The Creative Assembly The Creative Assembly is a British developer founded on August 18, 1987 in the town of Horsham in West Sussex by Tim Ansell, a former game programmer who contributed to the release of certain securities for Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and Atari 800 Total war Rome 2 news . Ansell initially pursued the idea of ​​maintaining the developer rather small in size to be able to personally work on each title as a programmer. The first titles were made by some porting Amiga and ZX Spectrum in DOS as Stunt Car Racer by Geoff Crammond and Shadow of the Beast Psygnosis. Since 1993, The Creative Assembly began working with Electronic Arts to produce a series of sports titles like the first FIFA games based on the Rugby World Cup, the official game of the Cricket World Cup and also some titles based sull’Australian Football League Total war Rome 2 news . At that point it became clear that the company needed to expand and Ansell took Michael Simpson in 1996 as Studio Director. Simpson had a past as a designer of microchips and in a moment could turn into an excellent game designer from realizing only the basis for the Total War series. In March 2005, The Creative Assembly was bought by publisher SEGA becoming a European subsidiary and getting enough funds to open a second development studio, SEGA Studios Australia, Fortitude Valley, Queensland.

But you never had any desire to do something different? Addressing new genres or create another franchise Total war Rome 2 news?
Well we are doing a little ‘different things and just as interesting. We announced a MOBA, a Battle Arena style game set in the universe of Total War. It’s pretty much another kind because instead of being a strategic long to deal with, proposes a very short battles, from ten to fifteen minutes at the most in a multiplayer mode all against all. It is something quite special and interesting and at the end we gathered to dedicate much more attention to the development compared to what we had imagined at the beginning, almost as if it were a normal chapter of the series.

I asked this question because in the past have tried to do other things, but on the console. I can think of Stormrise or Viking …
Stormrise … no wait is another matter because we were not properly us. We had this Australian study and was treated to one of their creations because at some point they said they no longer wanted to work on Total War but wanted to make something of them …

Ok … it’s true Viking, but you did it just you …
The speech is a bit ‘more complex. Inside The Creative Assembly there have always been two teams. When I joined I had these five guys who were working on sports titles for Electronic Arts and then continued in parallel realizing Spartan, Viking and a title devoted to Alien … Action games for consoles. It’s like having two different studies and separated Total war Rome 2 news.

The Simpsons The Creative AssemblyE there is no interaction between you? Total war Rome 2 news
How not? We have the same kitchen, we see every day, we keep track on the work we are doing. So yes, we interact. But we do not exchange a lot more technology. We did it once but over time we have strayed on this front. On the other hand we exchange a lot of ideas. For example, there were a couple of guys extremely interested in the techniques pathfinding [the code necessary to manage the movement of a drive from a point A to point B], and they have shared with us their knowledge about improving significantly the code we used once.

Total war Rome 2 news But you’re still thinking only to the Total War series …
Yes Absolutely Total war Rome 2 news.

Total war Rome 2 news And … would not want to try to do anything else. I ask this because in recent years many personalities from the world of video games have tried to jump on things completely new maybe even coming out of the software companies that have helped to create. I am reminded of Peter Molyneux [founder of Bullfrog and Lionhead today in 22 Cans] saying that he tried to give it all up to experience other things …
Not with great results … I have to add [laughs] …

Total War: Rome II – Video “Let’s Play” on the Campaign
Total War: Rome II – Video “Let’s Play” on the Campaign
You’re right. It’s a very strange period in history …
I would say more interesting than anything else. Especially for what concerns the strategic things are happening very interesting. From Facebook, for example where there is my seventeen year old nephew who plays the strategic unaware that belong to this genus. It started from there and now played Clash of Clans on the iPhone which is still pretty hardcore as strategic. There are 300 million people who could do the same and eventually get on my PC to play the game. It is only a matter of time.

I try to ask you about Warhammer because I know that we are working …
Yes … we have the license in our study …

The Simpsons The Creative Assembly … but I guess you can not tell me anything about …
Exactly. This is not the right place or the time to talk about it.

Total war Rome 2 news Okay, then I ask you what we can expect after Rome II. Will release expansions, DLC or something else?
Well yes for strength. Now times have changed: you can not release a game and then move on to something else. We will work on Rome II for at least another couple of years. Releasing updates, sometimes the DLC …

Total war Rome 2 news But we can also expect some real expansions?
In fact we have not yet decided about it. Surely there is a lot of material from which to draw and it is obvious that the players want new content. And we will try to give him as long as we can.

And as for the main series? Can we expect a new unpublished chapter or rather yet another sequel? Maybe a Shogun III?
Look I do not think we’ll ever something with a three at the end. I do not like this idea. Maybe sooner or later I’ll break this rule I gave myself but not for the next ten years. There are so many other things I can do before.

The Simpson of The Creative Assembly’s Total War series was founded in 2000 with the release of Shogun: Total War and consists of eight chapters when taking into account the imminent Total War: Rome II. With a Swiss precision The Creative Assembly has been able to develop and release a new chapter every two years, with only three exceptions. So we have had in 2002, Medieval, in 2004 the first Rome, Medieval II in 2006, then three years later Empire: Total War, probably the largest chapter of the series, although this has not led him to be the most appreciated by the public . Just one year later it was the turn of Napoleon, and still only 12 months after he arrived on the market Total War: Shogun II, chapter marks, among other things, the transformation of the Total War title that becomes the prefix to the name of ‘episode. In 2013 it will be the turn of Rome II. There were also some spin-off series. Spartan: Total Warrior has been the arrival of developer console while Total War Battles: Shogun marked the landing, certainly more successful on mobile platforms. Finally, there is Total War: Arena, the title of which is still seen very little and which is currently closed beta phase. It will be the first title of the developer groped in the way of the free to play offering a mix between a classic real-time strategy and the latest generation of a MOBA Total war Rome 2 news.

Do you think it possible that with the next generation we will finally see a Total War on consoles?
Look, I think there are three reasons that explain why in the past we have not seen many strategic console. First of all there is the technology: there is not enough memory or processor powerful enough to run scripts. Then there is the issue of controls and mechanisms to manage them through the pad but this is not a problem, it’s just a matter of design and it is not a design so complex …

The Simpsons The Creative AssemblyQuindi according to you is not an issue of checks and joypad?
Absolutely. If the policy on consoles in the past have gone wrong is wrong only because they had a design and mismanagement of the controls. There needs to be more intelligent innovations. Anyway back to us, the third reason is how the players see the titles for consoles than for PC: computers are used to make long gaming sessions to three hours; console is already so if you get thirty minutes. They are all interesting things and that should make us reflect on the fact that the strategic probably be different on consoles. And I believe that everything will be resolved with proper designs. The reason why we could not do on consoles with a Total War is only because we have no time. We have a lot of other things to do if you think to develop this Rome II PC only took us two years. And then there are the DLC and patches … and then we will work on the next project.

I think that at the moment there is a real rush to get out of the console. Blizzard tries for Diablo III …
Yes I know. It is one of the last things we want to do simply because we can not do everything. We have to choose what to work on, we are not a software house huge. I can not tell you anything about how to tackle the issue …

But … can you tell me that sooner or later you will arrive even on consoles?
Yes, it is no longer impossible. First it was just impossible, now it no longer is.

SEGA has released just recently Company of Heroes 2, a more strategic and I think the only real flaw that plagues the game about the history and fiction, and how it connects to the gameplay. Since the new Rome II will have a big focus on the narrative component, there is a risk that there could be the same problem because maybe leave out the gameplay?
No, I do not think just because it is still two very different games in terms of strategy. Ours is pretty much a sandbox: you have the start position and then you can do what you want. Build your empire, choose the battles you want to fight, and so on. It takes place over a wide area and in a historical period rather large. We are well aware that the time available to the player is very precious and we can not lose too much with the story and the need to tell it. I hope that what we put in the game is enough: we wanted to tell the intrigues of political economy of ancient Rome but did not want the player to pass too much time on this aspect because it is not part of the “core” of the game. The gameplay itself is in the construction of the empire and in the tactics of battles. We have to be very careful in focusing too much on the story.

Total War: Rome II – Trailer “Find a Way” on the battles of Hannibal
Total War: Rome II – Trailer “Find a Way” on the battles of Hannibal Total war Rome 2 news
How do you balance the game from chapter to chapter to try to satisfy both the most hardcore gamers, both for groped to reach newcomers to enlarge your market?
Well in the meantime we have many levels of difficulty. With that easy, for example, even if you’ve never seen a game in the Total War series or have played a strategic, probably you still can not win. It’s really easy. But still fun.

Total war Rome 2 news The Simpsons The Creative AssemblyMa I do not think it’s just a matter of difficulty. Usually the more casual players remain far from their concept because they consider it too complex …
Yes indeed we need to manage complexity, and in each chapter we investigate the ways and possibilities to bring new players into the series so easy and immediate. Today, for example, have you tried the Prologue and you have surely noticed that holds your hand to let you know every aspect of the game. It tells you where to go, what to do, how to interact. Then there are the video tutorials and even an online consultant who tries to figure out when you need help or when something is not clear. In short, we have many forms of aid. And not forgetting the encyclopedia that allows you to read all the information on each unit or building. So there’s a lot of support on this issue and I do not think that players can no longer carry on the pretense of a title too complex to manage or even to understand Total war Rome 2 news.

To close what do you think has changed in the gameplay in all these years: the first Total War in what is going to come out? Total war Rome 2 news
The core gameplay is still the same. Everything you loved about the original game is still there to decide the size of your empire, build things you need, go out and conquer. Of course in time we have increased the level of detail and some mechanical properties were modified, such as browsing. In short, I think the game is familiar to veterans but at the same time completely new. Total war Rome 2 news I know it’s a smart answer … [Laughs] Total war Rome 2 news

Thank you very much for your time. Total war Rome 2 news
Thanks to you for questions. Total war Rome 2 news

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