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The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3, for a final season with a bang!


The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3, for a final season with a bang!

The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3 The debate about the video game as a medium of entertainment with equal dignity of movies and music is always a hot topic, which is dealt with in a most different of all means of communication. Often, unfortunately, incorrectly and with the lack of will to really address the discussion, partly because of a lack of culture in who is found to contribute to the discussion. And yet something is moving, The Last of Us because the game is not just pure fun, and Nintendo for example, is a master at this, but enjoys huge facets able to engage and excite a wide range of people, leaving its mark in terms of narrative, music, graphics and everything that goes with it. If we add to all these assumptions The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3, the iron law according to which the developers give the best of themselves especially when the consoles are approaching the end of their life cycle, then we have The Last of Us, Naughty Dog’s last work that rewrites in part the classic paradigms of the adventure genre and becomes a kickback, a title indispensable for PlayStation 3 owners The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3, and not just for them The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3.

The last of us

CINEMA APPLIED The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3
The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3 Think of a season of your favorite TV series, where the main characters live in a series of events in the most diverse environments, and throughout the course of time they encounter a series of secondary characters with whom they share a few moments and watch them die, run away or go their own way. Have emotions, they do the double play, have a strong character or surrender to fate that has corrupted the world around them. In The Last of Us a mysterious fungus has created a pandemic incurable, which over the years has left the city in a state of neglect and decay, to draw a parallel, a mixture of I Am Legend and The Walking Dead The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3. You are Joel and, after the initial prologue entirely playable, you will end up twenty years later to smuggle weapons, survive and take account of mercenaries and small groups who The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3, perhaps rightly, think only of its own advantage. Among these are the lights (in English Firefly, fireflies, name changed course to avoid the inevitable jokes of a sexual nature so fond of our readers), a paramilitary organization to constantly search for a cure, at any cost. Joel will then meet Ellie, a fourteen year old girl with whom he established an ever more intense and father, in an incredible series of vicissitudes. No matter know where or what time it is set, but it is interesting to discover that the story of The Last of Us will take place in the course of a year through a repeated series of twists and a narrative than the usual, unusual for a production videogame. In this third-person adventure is hard to see all the experience gained by Naughty Dog with Uncharted: The cutscenes blend perfectly with those of the game, the dialogue between the protagonists is steady and credible, the camera is always positioned in place right and the absence of any information to the screen for much of the time increase that sense of empathy and involvement that is perceived at all stages of the adventure. The Last of Us has therefore ambitions to interactive movie, but with a key to the interpretation is different than what was done by Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. In this title, in fact, do not want to recreate reality in block allowing for example to simulate behaviors such as watching television or interact with all the elements of the scenario, but apply a layer spectacular narrative, credible and integrated with the classic gameplay of a video game with no compromise whatsoever. The title takes place between exploration and then moments of relative quiet, interesting dialogues between the characters, breathtaking scenery and enemies that must be addressed openly, avoiding them or killing them without a sound. The puzzles and platforming sections that require skill are kept to a minimum, the runner and the clicker, two kinds of people changed by the fungus, only just a part not even the majority of dangers that Joel and Ellie will face in their path The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3.

The last of us

LIVE OR DIE The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3
The impact with the control system is not very different from Uncharted and other third-person action adventure: the view is behind, slightly shifted, the right analog moves the camera; the upper back are used to aim and shoot, and the square you press the melee attack, the triangle to switch gears and pick up objects. The animation system, largely revised, and the choices of design, which among other things provide for the absence of the jump, return a feeling, however, quite different from the usual. The Last of Us is a survival game: ammunition are limited and Joel must gather resources directly in the field to create medical kits, Molotov cocktails, knives and more. Once recovered material such as alcohol, scissors or bandages, just press the select button and devote himself to the creation that happens in real time and requires a few seconds, leaving the main characters of the closet at the risk of being attacked The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3.
On the field of play you collect weapons such as pistols, revolvers, shotguns and sawed-off shotguns, a bow, and more, without resulting in the exotic with bazooka or weapons-from-end-of-world. Joel can also collect a vast collection of maces and blunt weapons, because the title is meant to demonstrate strength to be set in a world of violence, adult and raw, and this is also reflected in the fighting. The Last of Us is in fact extremely violent, but never free; Joel is an egoist who is often required to make difficult choices, see people commit suicide, kill in cold blood if only to have sensed danger. The melee combat – but also in focus – have a strong physicality and satisfying, a definite step forward compared to Uncharted. There are heads jumping and melee attacks, the recoil of weapons is as strong as the noise they emit: the new title of Naughty Dog satisfies and also involves for this, thanks to a high level of tension. In fact, nearly all of the fights can be addressed by following different strategies, and especially to the higher difficulty levels you need a bit ‘of salt because resources are limited and rather tough enemies. The clicker, for example, can not see but they are sensitive to any noise, even when walking crouched The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3, and one hit to kill you if you are with your bare hands, so you have to distract them with a brick or a glass bottle or kill them stealthily but only if you are in possession of a knife, since it is not possible to strangle them. Runners will attack in groups and need to be well equipped to not be overwhelmed, for humans there are several solutions to the clash head-on, taking advantage of the shelters The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3. Specifically with regard to this aspect, Naughty Dog has solved the problem very elegantly classic that plagues the games that use them, and that is having to lock or unlock automatically, or by pressing a special button, giving rise to a step unnatural and maybe generating a little ‘confusion in the most excited The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3. In the case of The Last of Us, it uses the circle button to hunker down and make less noise, and when you get close to a hedge is already low enough not to be seen and Joel puts his hands on the wall in a natural way, moving away if you want in a perfectly fluid or leaning when you aim to shoot. How it all works The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3? Well, to say the least: the sections “stealth” and combat are very rewarding, the variety is not far behind and the alternation between exploration and narrative avoids repetitive moments, leaving the player the full taste to choose the best strategy and, not infrequently, die when the heat is carried away The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3.

The last of us

The Last of Us is not an easy game and offers an excellent level of challenge, the developers have managed to convey that sense of helplessness and tension that characterizes the surrounding world, with some jerk on the chair but ensuring the genuine amazement participate in or attend what happens on the screen. Only the AI ​​is acting “strange” and represents the element less finished production. We said at the beginning that the main protagonists often encounter some actors who accompany them for a piece of the adventure, and then it goes into different sections in three or four people. In these situations the AI ​​seems to ignore the movements of their peers, for example, Joel moves in an absolutely quiet to not be discovered while the actors emit sounds, running from one cover to another or enter the line of sight of the enemy. .. that ignore them handsomely. The entire management stealth seems to be focused only on the fact the main character, and though most of the time it does not bother you because maybe the actors if they are good at your back and engage in the battle only when you are discovered, in at least a couple of occasions we turned up their noses for a behavior so unrealistic The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3. Much more satisfying are the patrols of the opponents really covering the entire game map, and they keep moving when there is a firefight. Maybe they could be more awake in the presence of a corpse, but you do not really pay too much attention. The defects of artificial intelligence luckily go according to plan thanks to all the rest of the game, which reaches heights of excellence from any direction you look at it: history, narrative and gameplay are combined with wonder and go hand in hand with the level of challenge proposed. Of the three levels of difficulty initially available only to Easy allows the aim assist, in what Survivor, which is unlocked after finishing the game for the first time, you can not even enable the Listening mode that allows you to locate the nearest competitors (by pressing the Right Bumper) thanks to the sound of their steps, and even use supplements to enhance the skills of Joel (for example, the recoil reduction of weapons or the use of the knife automatically following the attack of the clicker) The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3. For all levels of difficulty is not possible to collect materials to be used at special work benches to enhance the weapons in the case of revolvers, for example, you can increase the charger or the power of fire, or we can reduce the recharge rate Shotgun or add a viewfinder The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3. Last but not least, the amount of collectible piuttoso is full-bodied The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3, including artifacts of survivors tell their stories, comics for Ellie, platelets of Lights falls in battle, training manuals to improve the creation of objects. The ability to deal with a difficulty level in Plus mode also allows you to continue the “catch” with objects already acquired and the energy pills collected The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3.
During our test we completed The Last of Us in 15 hours and 36 minutes on Normal, picking up just over half of the artifacts with 66 deaths and 40% of the killings in close combat. We played several hours even in Hard mode and Survivor, to ascertain how it is amplified further the concept of survival often mentioned in this article The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3.




MULTIPLAYER The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3
Announced only a few months ago, the multiplayer of The Last of Us is being developed by a separate team at Naughty Dog, and although not the main dish or part of the balance of our vote, something interesting that deserves to be mentioned and depth after the release of the game The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3. The maps are available seven shots from the single player. The first thing to do is to choose one of two factions, Hunters and lights, which remain attached to twelve weeks of survival, with each game that represents a day. The aim is to increase the population of his own faction winning, accumulating resources and in return of the survivors to a maximum of forty, which themselves are the conditions necessary to obtain such access to the most advanced aesthetic customizations beyond those basic helmet, uniform, pants and emblem. After choosing a faction leads to two modes, Hunt Supplies and Survivors. The first one plays with twenty four against four lives per team within a time limit of fifteen minutes. You have to collect the ingredients on the field to create the objects and when you kill enemies you get materials that can be spent on the fly to buy weapons or ammunition or preserved in case of victory to increase supplies for your faction and increase the population. In Survivors mode, each round provides one life and resources are exhausted at the end of the match. In general, the pace of the game is rather staid and pleasant, not infrequently have to hide or use the covers, constantly moving between the large maps in a game system that resembles’ that of Uncharted, only with much more physicality in the fighting in distance and close-up The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3. There are plenty of classics to unlock perks and points to be awarded for the skills and weapons, with four pre-defined selectable as sniper or assault. Even in this case it is important to accumulate supplies for their faction in such a way that access to more advanced skills that increase the physical characteristics and the arms of their characters The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3.

PlayStation 3 Trophies
The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3 The Last of Us has 26 trophies, of which 6 of 9 gold and silver. A rather small number then, “aggravated” by the fact that we have only four unlocked after completing the game on normal, this is because we have eight trophies related to the levels of difficulty, divided equally between each of them and how they Plus . hunters platinum will then complete the game at least three times, and play multiplayer games, where the four special trophies are obtained by participating in an online game but also adding 40 people to their clan. The other trophies are linked to the collection of artifacts, the maximum potential of all weapons of Joel and so on.


THE PLEASURE TO EYES The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3
 Such a high level of excellence that would not have been if the technical equipment was not on par with everything else. The Last of Us PlayStation 3 squeezes every last drop, and the result is often nothing short of memorable. The visual impact may not be as surprising as it was for Uncharted 2 at the time, but just dwell on the scenes to realize how the attention to detail by Naughty Dog was exceptional once again. Each building has a considerable amount of variety and detail, the maps are large and textures always of excellent workmanship; particle effects and atmospheric make the setting vivid, lights and colors elevate the impact of the game and in general give a considerable variety in each scenario. The characters consist of a huge amount of polygons and a level of detail that makes them very charismatic. Then drive through Boston, Pittsburgh, the beach at dawn, at dusk the university and all the other settings is a pleasure for the eyes, the developers were wise in giving the player a chance to explore them without being interrupted by the fighting. To make one more specific example, at one point Joel and Ellie arrive at a complex of abandoned houses enveloped by lush vegetation but decadent, with a sunlight at dawn very cold. Each house can be explored on several floors, each wall has posters, toys, written, shelves and floor there are amenities of all kinds, always different. We are therefore at the highest level on consoles, thanks to the union of all these elements, but also PC gamers can not help but applaud a so extreme care to detail, all thanks to a graphics engine that shows uncertainties only rarely, despite really move a lot of stuff. The same care has been taken in the sound: play The Last of Us with a good stereo, maybe positional allows you to appreciate the work done in the reproduction of the effects, in reverb, in the realism of the shots, and even the sound of the rain, different Depending on whether you are repaired or not, under a metal or wood. The voice acting is well above average for a production like: that English is great for the duration of the adventure, but also the Italian defends well. Ellie, especially, is very convincing, and Joel is not bad, although we would have preferred a more raucous tone of voice and gloomy, partly because of the gruff character of the main character. Very welcome the opportunity to choose a different language for speech, subtitles and text game. The music leaves space wisely to environmental noise for a good part of the adventure and makes itself felt, it is appropriate to say, during the interactive sequences, for this reason, the quality is high but the amount of tracks “whole” is just enough without count among its ranks pieces truly memorable The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3.
The Last of Us – The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3

The Last of Us is set to rewrite the history of PlayStation 3 The Last of Us comes to PlayStation 3