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FIFA in Africa: South Africa gets ready

Part 3 of the 2010 documentary begins to explore the part that South Africa will play in a continent-wide revival ahead of the 2009 Confederations Cup and the 2010 FIFA

FIFA in Africa: Explanation

Part 2 of the 2010 documentary lays out the “quiet revolution” going on in Africa because of the FIFA Goal Programme and the ‘Win in Africa with Africa’ campaign. More

FIFA in Africa: Introduction

Part 1 of the documentary about the legacy of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and how FIFA is helping development in Africa. More on the 2010 FIFA World Cup South

Play Soccer: Africans helping Africa

FIFA Untold Stories profiles the organisation Play Soccer, which helps children between ages four and 14 in many countries across Africa using football to teach skills life skills.

★ KONY 2012 – Who is JOSEPH KONY? Invisible Children, Child Soldiers, How to Stop, Uganda, LRA

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BLACK OPS 2: Activision acquires

WAZZZ UP, In this video you will find out all the recently leaked information about Activision’s purchase of This concludes to the fact that the next treyarch game will