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Tag Archives: 11 for Health

Carles Puyol for health

Spain lynchpin Playing Carles Puyol discusses the challenges of playing defence for Barcelona and the importance of washing your hands to avoid disease.

Benni McCarthy for health

South African icon Benni McCarthy talks about the simplicity and beauty of football and how playing “the greatest game in the world” helps one to stay fit and healthy.

Thierry Henry for health

France legend Thierry Henry talks about the best way to play with your team-mates, and how you should respect girls and women in your life.

Superstars united for health

Icons in the football world come together to share playing tips as well as important health messages in the ’11 for Health’ series. More about F-Marc’s health education programme, ’11

Didier Drogba for health

Côte d’Ivoire superstar Didier Drogba shares his passionate feelings about shooting a football and also about the importance of vaccinations for your health. Part of F-Marc’s health education programme, ’11