Online FIFA Tournament – February 4th

GGFIFA will debut its weekly single elimination tournament this weekend. With the success of the Madden Gauntlets it was time to bring out this feature for our resident FIFA fans and players. Registration for the tournament will close at 2 pm EST time on February 4th. The brackets will be posted shortly thereafter, and the tournament will officially begin. We look forward to running weekly installments of the online single elimination tournament and for the first week the winner will receive 800 Microsoft Points. The rules for gameplay will be as follows: 1) Games will be played as Friendlies on Xbox Live. Each round will consist of one game versus your scheduled opponent. If you draw, you must replay another game until a winner is decided. 2) The use of Custom Formations is prohibited. You must use one of the default formations given, or the default formation of the team you are using. 3) Half Length = 6 minutes, Game Speed = Normal, Squad Type = Online Each round will last 40 minutes, this will allow for multiple games to be played in case of draws. As we will allocate 40 minutes per round, you must contact your within 15 minutes of the start of every round. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. To sign up for the tournament, simply post your XBOX 360 gamertag in the official thread on our forums. When the brackets are posted, it is your responsibility to get in contact with your opponent to play the game. If you have any questions or concerns, post them in

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