Medal of Honor: Warfighter Gameplay Trailer [HD]

Click Here to Watch the Medal of Honor: Warfighter Announcement Trailer: Medal of Honor: Warfighter Gameplay Trailer [HD] Developer: Danger Close Games Release: 10/23/2012 Genre: FPS Platform: PS3/X360/PC Publisher: EA Website: http Medal of Honor Warfighter goes beyond Afghanistan and takes the fight to the enemy in missions that have a dotted line to real world events. From rescuing hostages in the Philippines to eliminating the pirate threat on the Somali Coast, the game is an up close and personal look into the fight against today’s global terror threat. Written by US Tier 1 Operators while deployed overseas, Medal of Honor Warfighter delivers an aggressive, gritty and authentic experience that puts gamers in the boots of the world’s most precise and disciplined warriors. IF IT’S NEW, YOU’LL FIND IT HERE: FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: TAGS: Medal of Honor Warfighter Trailer official gameplay machinima video game gaming xbox 360 microsoft playstation 3 ps3 sony pc steam dice fps shooter multiplayer danger close dice

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