Madden 12 46 Bear Defensive Scheme- Part 4

Play Insight: This is a blitz that disguises the A-Gap pressure from earlier in the mini scheme. This heat off the edge is somewhat different because the defensive end is coming from the area that should be the B-Gap. The LT on that side gets sucked in and the RE comes in completely free, quicker than any other edge heat on the game. This is a break from the A-Gap heat from this same play from earlier in the mini-scheme. Mixing in all of these different defenses in your scheme will have your opponent guessing which side the blitz is coming from, and if you are running man or zone. Effectively mixing these up defenses with maximum coverage defenses will get you the stops needed to win any game! Play: Buzz Weak Man Formation: 46 Bear Playbook: 46 Setup: 1-Pinch DL. 2-Re-Blitz both DT. 3-Put MLB down and on the line over top the RG. 4-Put the RE in a purple zone. ———————————- Check out our GG Rematch network: http http ———————————- Subscribe for more videos: “Follow” us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook:

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