First Trickshot Killcam on new MW3 Map ‘Sanctuary’ – by FaZe Twistt

Can we get a Thumbs Up & a Favorite for Twistt hitting this ALREADY!? Get your official FaZe apparel at ! FaZe Twistt’s channel For those who don’t know, this map is Sanctuary, and it was released today (April 10th, 2012) for Elite premium members on Xbox 360. As S&D is no longer in the Elite playlists, which is the only place you can play this map atm, we improvised and played TDM, and the first game we tried, on his first attempt, Twistt hit this! You guys loved when we uploaded Force’s Overwatch Crane Shot on the first day that was out, so we figured you guys would love to see this as well! Be sure to leave a like and favorite if you enjoyed! Thanks guys! FaZe Twistt’s Twitter: Follow us on Twitter! Like us on Facebook! Check out FaZe Competitive!

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