FIFA 12 Ultimate Team – Colombian Squad

It seems I get bored with squads quickly, so recently I’ve tried to make different squads you do not see very often. This mindset led me to the Colombian squad featured in this video. This team is unreal. They are by far my favorite team and I am still undefeated with them. Up top, the combination of Falcao and Dayro Moreno is almost unstoppable. Both have unbelievable legs and the combination of Moreno’s skills and Falcao’s heading abilities just adds to their greatness. Although Falcao and Moreno are the superstars of the team, the squad is solid from top to bottom. Montero at CAM has 4 star skills, underrated passing abilities, as well as a rocket from outside the 18. The midfield slightly lacks skills, but everyone can shoot moving forward. Guarin plays as a CDM for me, although he only has 2 star skills, every FUT rating he has is over 75. This is extremely uncommon and makes him perfect stalwart in the midfield. The back three lacks overall size, but are quite pacey which makes up for the deficiency in size. Olave, Perea, and Cordoba all have solid heading (78, 79, 80) and defending ratings above 76. LS: Falcao—2300 coins RS: Dayro Moreno—11000 coins CAM: Fredy Montero—1100 coins LM: IF James Rodriguez—20500 coins RM: Juan Zuniga—450 coins CDM: Edwin Valencia—350 coins CDM: Freddy Guarin—750 coins CB: Jamison Olave—4900 coins CB: Luis Perea—950 coins CB: Cordoba—500 coins GK: SIF Ospina—10750 coins

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