FIFA 12 – Marlos & Sao Paulo Breakdown

When I use Sao Paulo I use the 3-5-2 formation. This formation fits the personnel of Sao Paulo the best and allows for all of their impact players to be on the field at all times. They lack both right and left backs with pace therefore a three defender back is perfect for their defensive personnel. Casemiro is a CDM with 90 Jump and 82 Strength, I place him at RCB because his 68 Sprint Speed is decent enough to get the job done and his immense Jump and Strength ratings allow him to defend crosses into the box well. Xandão and Rhodolfo are both 6’4″ monsters that fit the mold of what I look for when running a three defender back line (Large humans with average pace). In the midfield Paraiba and Jean start at CDM. Jean has good speed, stamina, and shot power which allow him to move forward from the CDM position and become a threat to score. Wellington gets the start at RM simply because he is four stars in skills and has decent pace. I play Lucas at LM because he is wicked fast (92 Acceleration, 94 Agility, and 89 Sprint Speed), he has five stars in skills along with 91 Dribbling, and he has a respectable 76 Cross rating. At CAM you will find one of my favorite players on FIFA12, which would be Marlos. He is equipped with 5 stars in skills and 89 Acceleration and 84 Pace. For the rest of his “actual” stats, throw them out the window. This man on FIFA12 has the uncanny ability to drain long shots from all over the pitch; his left foot is simply lethal. I have scored some of

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