FIFA 12 – How to download squad updates

With the new squad update that has seemingly turned the world of head to head play upside down, I have had countless people ask me how they can download the new squads to play offline with. So, I have decided to make a quick tutorial to show you guys how to do so. The video accompanying this text is a quick visual breakdown of how to obtain the newest squads. Anyway, in order to get these new rosters you are going to go to “Customize FIFA”  “Edit Teams”  “Change Squads/Rosters”  “Download Updates”. Once you have done this, a quick check to make sure you have the newest roster is to simply check out the joke of a Liverpool roster that the trolls at EA put together. Simply click “Team Management” then move over to Liverpool and check the amount of skills that Agger, Gerrard, Charlie Adam, Downing, Henderson, and Carrolll. All of these clowns should have 5 stars, if they do; you have the latest abomination of a squad update that EA has put out!

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