FaZe Ramos: Go On Ramos! – Episode 9

Thumbs Up & Favorite for Ramos!!!!! (Open Description for Info!) Get your official FaZe apparel at fazeclan.spreadshirt.com ! FaZe Ramos’s channel youtube.com Another episode of ‘Go On Ramos’. I really liked the clips, the edit and the song in this episode, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did and please, if you enjoyed, leave a like and a comment and maybe add the video to your favorites! – RamYouTubec: YONAS – Fall Back Video: youtube.com YouTube: youtube.com Facebook: facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Album: itunes.apple.com FaZe Ramos’s Twitter: twitter.com Edited by Mota: youtube.com Follow us on Twitter! twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com Like us on Facebook! facebook.com facebook.com facebook.com Check out FaZe Competitive! youtube.com twitter.com twitter.com

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