FaZe Ramos: Go On Ramos! – Episode 8

THUMBS UP & FAVORITE for Ramos!!! (Open description for info) Get your official FaZe apparel at fazeclan.spreadshirt.com ! FaZe Ramos’s channel youtube.com My best episode YET! It has got some nice fast paced editing in it along as sick clips! =D Sorry for taking it so long to come out. I was going for 2 special shots (really hard ones) and I wanted them 2 in it. Unfortunately, I didn’t hit it and just told Mota to edit it! Please, leave a like and favorite this video! FaZe Ramos’s Twitter: twitter.com Edited by Mota: YouTubetitle=”” >youtube.com Music: Eddy B & Tim Gunter – Nothin’ To Me Song: youtube.com YouTube: youtube.com Facebook: facebook.com Soundcloud: soundcloud.com Follow us on Twitter! twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com Like us on Facebook! facebook.com facebook.com facebook.com Check out FaZe Competitive! youtube.com twitter.com

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