FaZe Poko: Apokolypse – Episode 4

Thumbs up & Favorite for Poko! (Open Description for Info) Get your official FaZe apparel at fazeclan.spreadshirt.com ! FaZe Poko’s channel youtube.com Hullo everyone, I know it’s been a long time but I’ll explain. It was originally meant to be done around mid/late Jan but the first editor I picked dropped out after a week which was an inconvenience to say the least, THEN it was scheduled for the 21st of Feb but there was a problem with the song at the last minute which was also a pain in each buttock, BUT it was finally finished at the start of March but seeing as the upload schedule was packed it couldn’t go up until now. I could have split it into 2 episodes, but to be honest I just wanted it out the way because it’s been such a hassle, so I hope the length of the episode makes up for it a little. Also I’m saving all my best clips for a big “project” I’m working on, so you could call these leftovers if you want, but look forward to that in the future. Anyways, lengthy description, if you read all of this then thanks and I hope you understand/don’t flame me too hard 🙂 – Poko FaZe Poko’s Twitter: twitter.com Edited by: youtube.com Music: Blackmill – Miracle youtube.com itunes.apple.com ——————————————————– Follow us on Twitter! twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com Like us on Facebook! facebook.com facebook.com facebook.com Check out FaZe Competitive! youtube.com twitter.com

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