FaZe Crafted: Crafty Crafted – Episode 11

Thumbs up & Favorite for Crafted! (Open Description for Info) Get your official FaZe apparel at fazeclan.spreadshirt.com ! FaZe Crafted’s Channel youtube.com Hey guys, glad to see my last episode by Furran went down well. Most of you probably noticed that there weren’t too many clips, that’s because Furran couldn’t get round to using them all unfortunately so I just decided to merge them with this episode. These are probably some of my favourite clips aswell so I hope you guys enjoy! – Crafted FaZe Crafted’s Twitter: twitter.com Music: Bustrexx – Not Anymore (feat.Veela) soundcloud.com facebook.com Follow us on Twitter! twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com Like us on Facebook! facebook.com facebook.com facebook.com Check out FaZe Competitive! youtube.com twitter.com twitter.com

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