Dota 2 guide to survive

Dota 2 guide to survive SURVIVAL GUIDE – PART 2

Dota 2 guide to survive The second part of our guide, suitable for newcomers to survive the experience DOTA 2 (MOBA and in general)

Dota 2 guide to survive You learned what a “deny”, you played with bots (you did, right?) And, if all goes according to plan, you have already received the first insults online. The baptism of fire is complete, and it is time to move on to the second part of our survival guide to DOTA 2. For those who missed the first part, you can find it here (and I strongly recommend you read it), while those who are not familiar with the game can reach the review here recently published. Be the honors, it is time to move on to the stages most active and fun to every game, namely the advancement along the enemy lines, the purchase of objects and group combat.

Dota 2 guide to survive twittalo! A small guide to make the experience a little less traumatic DOTA 2

TUTORIAL OF THE VALVE Dota 2 guide to survive

Dota 2 guide to survive  Shortly before the release of the final version of DOTA 2, Valve has a built-in menu tutorial is divided into chapters, of course aimed to explain the game mechanics to newcomers. In our opinion, the result is far from perfect, for several reasons. First, it was decided to add to what is in fact a simple tutorial unnecessary contextualization in terms of plot, not very effective at the level of entertainment and above all too able to stretch the time needed to complete each chapter Dota 2 guide to survive. As, indeed, the material offered by the guide to be valid, and quite thorough as far as everything you need to know before you take the field, we would have preferred a more dry. We recommend, however, especially if used in combination with the matches together with the bot, which allow you to put into practice what they have just learned. However, as regards to tutoring, a special mode that should allow most experienced players to volunteer to teach newcomers the basics of the game, unfortunately there are still no concrete news about the addition of this valuable function in the game menu Dota 2 guide to survive .


dota 2 guide to survive


PUSHING Dota 2 guide to survive

Dota 2 guide to survive  The push is the act of “pushing” (literally) to one of the enemy towers, with the aim to get closer to the enemy base to destroy it. Since a push sensible always involves the majority of the team, or even the entire group, it is a delicate step, which requires planning and ends irremediably to leave discoveries defenses. From this arise often the reversals that characterize many DOTA 2 games played by participants of the same ability (when taken individually). When the team lacks communication and team work, a push born evil can easily benefit the opposing team which, neutralizing it in time, it can then exploit the second time you respawn to attack in turn. In other words, and as it may be very difficult when you play with people who do not know, always try to organize the push, or to listen when another player on the team to propose it. Never give anything for granted, always respond to calls in text chat, and especially if you organize the push you, make sure that everyone understands exactly when it is time to attack and what is the designated line Dota 2 guide to survive. A second important rule to follow during the push is to focus only on the objective of the latter, whether it is one or more towers, or the Barracks, ie the structures placed around the enemy base, which once destroyed greatly increase the health and the attack force of creep allies. When you push it in, it is very likely to encounter early in the resistance of the enemy team, and get carried away by the collision can be all too easy Dota 2 guide to survive. In these moments, you will need instead to remember exactly what is the designated goal, and pursue it, even if it means giving up some killing. If the enemy were to realize the impossibility of defending, and should retire, it will be much more important to take advantage of it and destroy as many towers as possible, rather than wasting time hunting them. Survival Guide – Part Conversely, if during the push phase the opposing team turns out to be stronger than expected, try to avoid to give him a chance to clear your entire team, retreating in a controlled manner as soon as the enemy is evident supremacy . In this way, you still have time to get back on defense and avoid, at least in part, a huge reversal of fortunes in the field. As regards the more general discussion, relating to when to start with the push phase, this should in theory low only once all the heroes are close to the maximum level, and already have a good number of quality items. Moreover, especially when the laning phase sees a certain supremacy by the enemy, break the lines and give away team to fight a little earlier than the Roadmap can also be a good idea, and solve some problems of supremacy in individual paths Dota 2 guide to survive. It is not said that a team that has dominated the laning phase is equally efficient in clashes 5 on 5, as long as there are striking individual episodes of feeding (ie heroes opponents who have scored a large number of killings, accumulating then objects and money with excessive speed). Clearly, a guide will never reveal exactly when is the exact time to take a certain decision and give away your offensive maneuvers Dota 2 guide to survive. Rely on your common sense and your instincts. Over time, you will learn the right timing. Above all, always be aware that a push wrong can be fatal in a short time for the game, so think very well before proposing, and if you listen to the counter team Dota 2 guide to survive .




SHOPS Dota 2 guide to survive

A key component of the gameplay of DOTA 2 (and many other MOBA) are the shops and, above all, the large number of objects that can be purchased with gold accumulated by the last hit creep, heroes and destroying enemy towers . A first superficial glance at the store base (available directly on the platform of respawn) could be confusing, so it is good to focus on the statistics provided, and on the division into categories. Survival Guide – Second parteGrosso way, objects can enhance the different types of damage inflicted by the heroes (physical, magical or pure), or the defense, even in this case targeted to specific categories of damage. Other objects are used instead to temporarily recover health and mana, or to provide other types of benefits in the field. Fundamental to each team is the purchase of at least a courier, a creature that can be sent by players of the same team to recover objects at a shop, and then evolve into a form more quickly. This is convenient both to avoid returning constantly according to new purchases, both to get quick access to shopping secrets, partially hidden in the jungle and can provide some of the more powerful items from those available. During all phases of the game, you absolutely have to remember to spend the gold accumulated, and steadily build resources to have access to new objects and more powerful, since they provide essential advantages in combat. In contrast to League of Legends, DOTA 2 integrates great for newcomers, which allows you to see the “build” (ie, collections of objects to buy progressively in the game) recommended by players and rated by the community, directly in game. To have access to them simply press the icon in the upper part to the left of the interface, and under “recommended items” of the shop to see those relating to the right to build your character. It is a significant advantage, so make good use of it without thinking twice Dota 2 guide to survive. Later, with experience, you could discover build more suited to your style of play, or find new ones online, but to begin with those of the users are more than enough. In order to avoid making purchases in any case completely blindly, always studied the descriptions of the objects, and in the case of active skills have, you learn quickly how to use them to your advantage Dota 2 guide to survive.

THE INTERNATIONAL Dota 2 guide to survive

Dota 2 guide to survive  Just 7 August, the date of publication of this guide, kicks off an event dedicated to DOTA 2 known as The International. At the Benaroya Hall in Seattle will be a tournament where the best teams to the elimination of DOTA 2 in the world will battle it out to win the title of champions of 2013 (of course, the entire event will be streamed on the official website of the game). The most interesting and original of this tournament is that the astronomical jackpot increases by two dollars and fifty cents for every player who buys the Interactive Compendium, a sort of virtual encyclopedia of the International viewable in the client DOTA 2 with several interesting features. Among these, the most curious is the possibility to collect the figurines pro gamer in the flesh, and create your own team FantaDOTA. Of course, the performance of the team will be calculated based on those of the real players in the tournament, and participants will be able to win small rewards aesthetic for their heroes to be equipped in the game to stand out with a little ‘style. In other words, if you’re planning to follow live the International, the purchase of the Compendium may be interesting also to win some exclusive aesthetic customization dota 2 guide to survive.

HEROES Dota 2 guide to survive

Dota 2 guide to survive  The large number of heroes in this DOTA 2 (more than 100, and all available right now) can generate great confusion in the player to approach it for the first time, and above all lead to much wasted time reading the descriptions of the relevant skills that will characterize. As part of it is in any case the price to pay to get close to one of the online experience more complex than ever, online you can find a lot of advice on the easiest heroes to play, and therefore more suitable to novice players. Unfortunately, also in this case, the different opinions do not always coincide, and in some cases will actually contradict. Survival Guide – Second parteTra heroes most recommended for beginners is often Sven, and is in fact a valid suggestion, to which we add Lich, Warlock, Ogre Magi, Tidehunter, Skeleton King, Sand King and Crystal Maiden dota 2 guide to survive. Of course, depending on your innate style of play, some of these heroes may not be suitable for you, and others, more complex to play, they could instead fit perfectly. In other words, you read a lot of descriptions of individual skills, find out if you prefer to attack from a distance or in close combat and experience each new heroes with at least one game populated by only a bot, so as to set aside the inevitable initial awkwardness. Now that the salient points of this guide are out of stock, we leave you with a few tips closing. The first, its own to the above, is not to take this brief manual as a useful handbook to solve every problem. As anticipated, it is rather a smattering dedicated exclusively to newcomers, and scratches at most, the tip of the iceberg. More in-depth guides can be found online, but our advice is to play as much, read as much as possible the descriptions provided by the game client and, above all, grow together with friends, aiming to form a stable team. The other, and more importantly advice, is related to the fear of making mistakes. As the community of DOTA 2 know sometimes be extremely irritating and quarrelsome, make peace with yourself and realize that mistakes will be commonplace in the day. Pusherete lines, go wrong timing in the attacks, will buy almost completely useless items, you will be gankati mercilessly and even accused of having lost the team the entire match. That, like it or not, is part of the experience with MOBA and, if you can learn from your mistakes, and above all ignore those who insult you without actually teach you anything, will open the doors to one of the most beautiful forms of entertainment complex and rewarding that the human mind has ever conceived. Good luck Dota 2 guide to survive .


Dota 2 guide to survive 

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