DLC COD: Black Ops 2 – Revolution and map pack Black Ops 2 Revolution

DLC COD: Black Ops 2 РRevolution and map pack Black Ops 2 Revolution

DLC COD: Black Ops 2 РRevolution Black Ops 2 Revolution

Black Ops 2 РRevolution Black Ops 2 Revolution

Black Ops 2 Revolution: Call of Duty Black Ops II brought on our console and a PC FPS war on our very faithful to the spirit of the series, but at the same time able to inject new life thanks to a campaign at forks amazing, the multiplayer hectic and chaotic than ever and a zombie mode ready to add more fish to fry. At a distance of about three months since its release to land here as usual, of course, in an exclusive preview for Xbox Live, the first DLC, containing 4 new multiplayer maps, a new weapon and a completely new zombie mode supported by an extra location for lovers of hungry mangiacervelli. Here are our impressions Black Ops 2 Revolution.



Downhill –¬†Black Ops 2 – Revolution¬†Black Ops 2 Revolution

Black Ops 2 Revolution:¬†Let’s start off with a bang, with one of the maps that the more we liked the whole package. Downhill is set in the French Alps among rocks and snow-covered cottage in sight. The design on the one hand sees a mountain cabin with balcony, ready to defend the area of ‚Äč‚Äčconquest below in the appropriate mode, while the other snowmobiles and ski shops offer wide-ranging battles with many outlets on the only open area available .
At the center could not miss the building cornerstone for close combat, a resort characterized by the continuous movement of the cable cars. While these protections harvesters can be used as a shield to move from one part of the structure, touch during their trip due to instant death, by introducing a further element of disturbance during the clashes.
The map also features some stations camping curious, suspended in mid-air on steel bars next to the cable cars, as well as the ability to hide behind cover and shoot at different speeds enemies too arrogant.


Black Ops 2 Revolution
Black Ops 2 Revolution

Hydro¬†–¬†Black Ops 2 – Revolution¬†Black Ops 2 Revolution

Black Ops 2 Revolution: Hydro is the map not played at all, and also the least appreciated by the community. The reason is obvious, the dam on the Indus River in Pakistan is simply a large rectangular corridor that encourages players to confront almost always face to face. Bypassing the first block, passing through one of the few available in the tunnel underneath the structure allows to take opponents by surprise and make a real massacre. In the mode targets the large number of blind spots can lie down in the shade of the structures and protect areas easily access almost without being seen. To promote the game at the surface we think the release of the waves, which will wipe out, killing on the spot, all the unlucky players who will be on the path of the wave. The SMG turn out to be the guns preferable for the location, the need to have a weapon quick-release for the sudden gunfire.


Black Ops 2 Revolution
Black Ops 2 Revolution

Grind¬†–¬†Black Ops 2 – Revolution¬†Black Ops 2 Revolution

Black Ops 2 Revolution The skate park in Venice beach perfectly embodies the spirit of Call of Duty. Hectic, fast, and completely devoid of any logic of this map will allow you to attack your opponents from all directions. Taking advantage of the large central building will not be uncommon to see close-quarters combat at the sound of shotgun and literally by throwing on ramps we can slip on them, becoming very difficult targets to hit. The exterior gives way to the distance firefights, ambushes and pursuits in the numerous tubes available. Too bad the curved shape of the building let the soldiers suspended in mid-air, completely ruining the good visual impact of the map. In case you are fortunate to have among the perk a war machine, the cramped spaces and the need to move as a group will make your joy, but beware of roof windows, bombs and missiles in the drill ease, shaving anything you are inside. To note a car more aesthetically ugly memories that the history of video games.


Black Ops 2 Revolution
Black Ops 2 Revolution

Mirage –¬†Black Ops 2 – Revolution¬†Black Ops 2 Revolution


Black Ops 2 Revolution: Among the dunes of the Gobi desert, the Mirage is presented in a manner very similar to Grind, while leaving the firing line much cleaner because there is no cover or shelter of any kind. The big round building center tries to compensate for the lack of verticality of the maps in the package, and succeed only in part. Players tend to stay outside in fact, aware that once you enter into the hotel they rarely come out alive, for the amount of stray bullets that run. It will not be difficult towering also on the doors waiting for the unfortunate turn of steps ahead of us. The area with the pool is very busy and stall in the area, perhaps by placing a beautiful tower, can be smeared your score skyrocket.

The peacemaker¬†–¬†Black Ops 2 – Revolution¬†Black Ops 2 Revolution

Black Ops 2 Revolution:¬†That the SMG are devastating weapons in COD is out of the question, especially in veteran mode, and the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčbeing able to put our hands on a new model teased us not a little, especially considering that this is the first weapon to be inserted through a DLC COD. The peacemaker appears to be a particularly effective on SMG medium / long distance with a rate of fire is not an exaggeration but a great output of damage. A fair degree of accuracy and a more valuable capacity make it a formidable choice, especially if accompanied by armor-piercing bullets.
We were not given the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčbeing above all other Submachine gun, the POW 57 continues to be one of our favorites, but the peacemaker turned out to be a weapon of good quality, definitely an option worth considering if you are lovers of light equipment.

Zombie¬†–¬†Black Ops 2 – Revolution¬†Black Ops 2 Revolution

Black Ops 2 Revolution
Black Ops 2 Revolution: If you fight zombies in a dilapidated bus depot there has stew, Die Rise is the one that is right for you: a setting brand-new at the top of a skyscraper unsafe. Forget doors and gates to be opened to get outside, here you can just go down to hell with the zombies that literally rain down from the sky and try to enter from every possible hole left unattended. If this tickles your fancy and you love the zombie mode, the real highlight is anyway the new game mode Transformed, where finally you will be given the opportunity to become in turn zombie. The gameplay is simple, four players will be thrown into a map and the aim of the game will be able to stay human as long as possible. In order to transform however you will need to kill another human player in a session hectic and nonstop. If you managed in the enterprise will obviously against all, but to each kill, as well as additional points of course, you will gain a new weapon to decimate your opponents. A game system already seen in other competing titles, but surely guessed in a product as fast as cod and inserted into a context that definitely will not be able to entertain and satisfy fans.
Revolution is a good package of maps, perhaps lacking a vertical location but still able to bring new situations in the Black Ops 2. The peacemaker is a welcome addition and its balance, at least for the moment seems to have been carefully studied, allowing it to be positioned in a niche discovery. It closes with a zombie mode really funny that, even if not particularly original, will undoubtedly rapirvi for several hours of play. Treyarch has taken the right way with these new DLC, we are so looking forward to the remaining content to make sure that the trend remains the same in the future.

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