Devil May Cry 5 Captivate 2012 Public Enemy Trailer [HD]

Click Here to Watch the Devil May Cry 5 The Secret Gameplay Trailer: Devil May Cry 5 Captivate 2012 Public EnemyTrailer [HD] Developer: Capcom Release: 2012 Genre: Action Platform: PS3/X360 Publisher: Capcom Website: Set against a contemporary backdrop, DmC — Devil May Cry depicts a duplicitous world where nothing is ever as it seems and the line between good and evil is constantly blurred. Spurred into action by the promises of a trusted relation, Dante bursts into this world intent on revenge at any cost. DmC — Devil May Cry retains the series’ signature mix of sword and gunplay as players encounter a devilish mix of enemies and navigate the rich, interactive environment. IF IT’S NEW, YOU’LL FIND IT HERE: FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: TAGS: Devil May Cry 5 Trailer captivate 2012 public enemy gameplay official machinima videogame DMC video game games xbox360 xbox 360 microsoft playstation3 ps3 playstation 3 sony computer entertainment scea soe capcom dmc

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