Black Ops 2: Zombies Wish-List #4

WAZZZ UP, ActionPackedd is finally back with some more wishlist videos. Sorry that I stopped for a while, there was a software, gameplay, and voice issues with the videos I was making. So this video isn’t perfect like I would want, but it was the best I can do for now. Once I get the problems solved then I will inform you right away. Well my contacts and subscribers at least. I’m thinking that sometime next week I will be ready for an all-out awesome video. If you did watch this video I what to thank you, because this was not a good one and I know that, but I promised a video today so here it is. For more videos like this then Subscribe to get all the latest updates on Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2/Iron Wolf. Updates will include things such as news, info, leaks, pics, strategies, tips, guides, and fun times. ActionPackedd’s Facebook Page – If you like this page you will also get the latest updates on Facebook as well. Black Ops 2: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Theory –

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