Black Ops 2 Zombie Training + Weekly Challenge #2

WAZZZ UP, This video is about a new series that I am starting for Black Ops Zombies. It is a weekly challenge that I give to you to try out each and every week. A new challenge with be released every Saturday. If you think you did pretty well in this current challenge then leave a video response or a comment on how well you did. If you think you have a good challenge for the community to try then leave a comment. For more videos like this then Subscribe to get all the latest updates on Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2/Iron Wolf. Updates will include things such as news, info, leaks, pics, strategies, tips, guides, and fun times. ActionPackedd’s Facebook Page – If you like this page you will also get the latest updates on Facebook as well. Black Ops 2: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Theory –

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