BLACK OPS 2: Activision acquires

WAZZZ UP, In this video you will find out all the recently leaked information about Activision’s purchase of This concludes to the fact that the next treyarch game will not be called iron wolf, but black ops 2. Activision even bought black ops domains all the way up to Ops 2ideos like this then Subscribe to get all the latest updates on Modern Warfare 3 and Iron Wolf/Black Ops 2. Updates will include things such as news, info, leaks, pics, strategies, tips, guides, and fun times. “IRON WOLF” Facebook Page – If you like this page you will also get the latest updates on Facebook as well. USTREAM – Join my crowd and get the schedule to all my shows, events, and of course LIVE STREAM. I will usually give you at least a few days’ notice before I live stream.

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