WAZZZ UP, This video is about a theory that I can up with. It is that the storyline in Black Ops 2 start on the Moon just like the last map did. The video provides loads of information and facts behind each part of the theory, so this may very well happen. To be able to understand every aspect of this theory you will need to know the Black Ops Zombie Story Line. If you know the story line pretty well then don’t worry about it and watch the video right away. But, if you don’t know it that well or have not read it at all then I strongly suggest you talk a good look at it. It is lengthy so take your time and get all the facts out of it. Thank you for watching this video and have a great day. For more videos like this then Subscribe to get all the latest updates on Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2/Iron Wolf. Updates will include things such as news, info, leaks, pics, strategies, tips, guides, and fun times. ActionPackedd’s Facebook Page – If you like this page you will also get the latest updates on Facebook as well. Black Ops 2: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Theory –

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