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$250 FIFA 12 Gauntlet 3/9/12 Details Start Date: Friday — 3/9/12 Entry Fee: $0 Start Time: 11 am EST (Registration closes promptly at 10:30 am EST) Round Time Limit: 1 Hour (subject to change) Disqualification period: There is a 15 minute grace period at the beginning of every round, in this 15 minute time frame you will have to contact your opponent and begin to set up the game. If your opponent does not show in this 15 minute window, they will forfeit the match. Contact Admin for disqualifications and disputes. Verification Process: The way you verify your game is by clicking “claim win”. When you claim the win you will be automatically moved on in the bracket before your opponents consent. The reason this is setup like this, is so gamers can take part in the quickest and smoothest tourneys on the net! After 15 minutes from the start of the specific round, you are able to claim win. If your opponent falsely reports the win, you are able to click dispute. Admin will handle all disputes. If anyone is caught just claiming wins and moving themselves throughout the bracket, as you are able to do, you will be automatically disqualified (Admin´s consent). These tournaments are setup this way, to get the pace going and finish a large tournament the same day you register! Rules: Custom Formations will NOT be used at any time. Custom Formations include user created formations or any formation that is unavailable to the team you are using. If the match goes to Penalty Kicks, you

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