10 Days of Giveaways Day 1-9 Winners

Don’t forget to enter my last one this year, where you can win 18 pieces of Coach items, all Day 1-9 prizes! There still is a chance to win, and I will be selecting the winners after the New Year 🙂 www.youtube.com I know a lot of people were very upset about me choosing the winners yesterday, so I redid it today and this is as fair as it can possibly get. Please don’t be upset. Winners are chosen randomly so you have to leave it up to chance 🙂 I will be having way more amazing giveaways soon! MUAH! how I did it I imputed all the entries from each day in each randomizer box. It ranged from 25000 entries – 300k+. The randomizer randomly selects the number of entries and filters it down to whatever number it chooses. From there I select a number from 1 through whatever the randomizer filtered down to, and select the winner than landed on the winning number that the randomizer generated. Fair and square. Here are the winners! My previous video I used Classtools.net randomizer fruit machine and a lot of people were complaining how unfair it was. So I decided to use Random.org. This is as fair as it gets. I stated in the contest that all the winners will be selected randomly except for Day 1. For anyone that were upset that I didn’t read through all the comments, I don’t think it’s humanly possible to read and select 9 winners through over 500000 comments in a span of a few days. So I hope everyone understands that this is as fair as it gets, and I filmed it to prove and

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